Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to windows!

Last Friday, I brought my laptop to school and we had a crazy break (see last post). In the afternoon, I didn't know what happened to my laptop. Suddenly the LCD showed a black blank screen. I tried to press everything on the keyboard, then when the sound button pressed there is this typical sound, which means that the proccessor was working (it's just the display that gone wrong). I directly went to iShop service counter. Once she said that it will take 3-5 working days, I know I need my datas inside, then I ask them to remove the hardisk for me. So I went and bought a hardisk case and have my hardisk taken out from the laptop. I paid S$128 to take out the hardisk, to put back there will be another S$128 charge, expensive!

Another shocking news last tuesday, the techincian called and told me that it was the motherboard that gone wrong (oh my..). Well, that means the price will be very2 expensive. And right, the cost will be S$1700!! Hoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I can get a new computer for that! Or go shopping for a week in Bali! My dad decided change the motherboard, well then.

Latest news, dad asked me to buy the new macbook pro. Wow. I didn't want. First, because too expensive. Second, why another laptop?
At last, I bought HP IQ1508d today, YAY!

Thanks Dad, thanks dad, thanks mom!
I'm so happy, but I can't concentrate to do my assignments, hahaha.
At last, I'm back to windows.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy break.

Lalalala. We are going crazy today before shuang2 class. @_______@"

Well, we were having fun. hahaha. Assessement is coming, lasalle student's going crazy.

Dear shuang2, Nelvi's here! hahaha.

Ps. Thanks guys. =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I hate..


oughhhhh.. I hate V n P assignment this week. We need to work in Adobe Illustrator, tracing this beer bottles.

Oughhhh.. I hate it! See the colours, so much blending. Wawawawawawawawa..
I hate vector graphic! I did this assignments for few hours already, but yet still half way. For tomorrow I still have Final Imaging Comm and Mood board, oh my...
So boring to do this assignment. So sleepy. Boring. Sleepy. Boring. Sleepy. =(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AB Three

AB Three (still with Lucy)

Oh my, I'm in a nostalgic moment right now. I just finished cleaning my room (yeah, 4 am int he morning, lol.), then I found in my fave group, AB Three.
The way they sing,has its own characteristic with excellent harmony. Oh.. just love them!
By the way, they won Asia Bagus (Asia Singing Competition) for the first place. I still remember I used to watch Asia Bagus, may be when I was about 5. hahaha. How I miss my childhood.
Thanks to the uploader in YouTube. =)

We are One - AB Three

Stay with Me - AB Three

Hari-hari Bersamamu - AB Three

Well, I wish they are still with Lucy. It is not that Chyntya is not that great, it's just that I miss the unity of them. hehehe. =P
AB Three today

Enjoy the music!

Dengan Logika - Katon Bagaskara

Well, old Indonesian song, around 1997.
I used to remember the chorus' lyric, lol. I love this song! Hihihi.
Kadang bisa merasakan lagu ini terjadi di kehidupanku. Yah, anyway, melodinya enak banget. hehehe.

Dengan Logika - Katon Bagaskara

Memang aku mengaku salah berbuat itu
tak pikir panjang akibatnya

Tapi bukan itu caranya
perlakukan aku
tiada kesempatan ‘tuk bicara
kau tinggal aku, risau tak tentu

Semua kulakukan demi cinta
saling berbeda itu wajar saja
kuanggap kita t’lah sama dewasa
mampu bicara dengan logika

Jangan pernah berfikir salah
tak termaafkan
Jangan pernah menyimpan dendam
untuk salah faham

Mari sama kita benahi pertikaian ini
berjanji berdua seia sekata
kita menuju awal yang baru

Friday, October 17, 2008

What They Called Soulmate - Agnes Monica

Not all Indonesian love this song, but I think this is one of the best song in her album, Waddup A..?!
I wish she will have this kind of music on her next album. Yosh Agnes!

What They Called Soulmate - Agnes Monica

I See You Standing Here
watching You Breathing My Air
holding Hands With Someone Else
feel This Love That I Bare

why You Said Your Love To Me Won't Ever Die
when You Know That It's Only A Lie
why You Made Me Trust
that It Love, Not A Lust
days Were Gone,I'm Still Standing On

to Love You Is Something That True
no One Can Tell Me That's What I Can't Do
to Want You Forever Just You
to Loose The Thirst Drink The Water From You
don't Wanna Deny Our Faith
we Are What They Call Soulmate
the Promise We Made

f#m B
they Tell Me The Love We Had
shouln't Happen By Any Reason
but To Feel Once Your Love
making My Life More Complete

Back to reff (*), Reff

if I Could Do Anything To Show That I Need You
there's So Many Reasons I Could Never End Baby
i Wanna Show The Whole World Of How You Once Loved Me
i Don't Wanna Cry No More Feeling This Love......Wasted By You

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I just cut my hand by my X-acto knife.
I hate it. Just a second after that, blood drops to my research paper! Arggggghhhhhhh... Need to reprint. My hand can't even type with my thumb.

I HATE YOU, X-ACTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dia Milikku

Dia Milikku - Yovie N The Nuno

One of my favorite songs, an Indonesian song. Love the melody and how they play the string (especially after overtone!). Bravo Yovie n The Nuno!
Below is the lyric and cord taken from Total Music. Enjoy. =)

Intro : G C D 2x

Bm C D
semula ku tak tahu
Bm C D
engkau juga tak ingin memilikinya
Am Bm
bukankah ku lebih dulu
bila engkau terlalu
sebaiknya tak mengganggu

G F#m
dia untukku bukan untukmu
B Em D
dia milikku bukan milikmu
G C Bm
pergilah kamu jangan kau ganggu
Am D
biarkan aku mendekatinya

G F#m B Em
kamu tak akan mungkin mendapatkannya
D G C Bm
karena dia berikan aku pertanda juga
Am D G
janganlah kamu banyak bermimpi ooo…

dia untuk aku

Bm C D
bukankah belum pasti
Bm C D
kamu juga kan jadi dengan dirinya
Am Bm Am
dia yang menentukan apa yang kan terjadi
tak usah mengaturku

Intro : C D C D

Am Bm C D
kusarankan engkau mundur saja…

Reff :
A G#m
dia untukku bukan untukmu
C# F#m E
dia milikku bukan milikmu
A D C#m
pergilah kamu jangan kau ganggu
Bm E
biarkan aku mendekatinya

A G#m C#m F#m
kamu tak akan mungkin mendapatkannya
E A D C#m
karena dia berikan aku pertanda juga
Bm E A
janganlah kamu banyak bermimpi ooo…

dia untuk aku

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Second chance.
Does it really work?
Will this last?

Well, I'm getting back all the things. But getting back all the trust, and everything else isn't easy.
The wound might be healed, but scars will always be there.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


new day new status
new hope
new routines
forget the past
be ready for better things
be ready for the future that God prepared for you

by Njel.

Thanks a lot njel, you made me laugh. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Thanks God, You give me her. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A change

Today.. is a crying day.

Now I know how it feels. I don't know when i can get over it - really, I have no idea.
If I can make a wish, I want to sleep and stop the time.
It feels like I don't want to face tomorrow.
Or if possible, cut out my memories and throw it away. Or if only I can change the past, I wish we didn't have too many memories.

Starting from that val in Tidar. Through the storm. To the nicest memory in Tumpang. Then to the tragedy when everyone started to notice. Next to the first anniversary. Then to the reunion in Singapore. to the second anniversary. Then the best 17th b'day. To the happiest holiday in Malang. Through the worst 17th b'day. Everything stays beside my heart vividly. I want to treasure them, but it's killing me.

I will open my mind starting from tomorrow (hopefully). My hope for the future, the next man would be my partner in life. No more hurt like this.

Bottom line: today I'm officially single.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Singapore Biennale: South Beach Development

So tired! I went to school at 8.26am and came home at 8.30pm, but worth it.
We visited the exhibition in the South Beach Development today.
Some are very2 conceptually driven. I recommend the rest of the class to join the next tour. xD

Fei Zao, 2008. This is an installation and performance. Those white rocks are actually soap bars, and the setting is a man washing (washing something, I didn't know). By Paolo W. Tamburella.

The Dancer, 2005. This installation is Truong Tan, using elastic material, steel, and fabric. I love this installation, especially because I love red! And those elastic material burst the colorful lines. Just love them a lot.

Felice Varini Project: "Drill Hall". Singapore Biennale 2008, S.S.V.F.H.Q. 1931 Building, 2008. A visual illusion that occur within interior space by Felice Varini. You need to find the correct spot to see the correct perspective and you will get straight lines. (uppps, my spot wasn't correct, so sorry.)

September Sweetness, 2008. This is an installation by Thein, Streitmatter-Tan, Rich and Ko. Believe it or not, this was made up from SUGAR! It was smelly and the shape spoiled already (may be because of rain and eaten by insects), but actually the shape should look like a temple. Luckily we went here today, they say that there were bees coming in (oh my.... ).

Well, there are more set ups there, but these are the most memorable to me.
Special thanks to Paul and Isabel for giving us this opportunity.
I couldn't wait for the next visit. See you guys there!
I want to sleep right now. lol.

SG Biennale, wonder... (All you need is just to wonder! ^^,)

Singapore Biennale

Wawawawawa. I tried for 5 days to post the cbox,but can't. Then today I tried to twist my eyes,look for the html tags, and it's finally there today! Let's chit chat. lol.

Well today, I can't believe that tomorrow is the 3rd October. The time has come, but still no sms or phone call. So I decided to join Singapore Bienalle 2008 tour.

Well, Biennale is Italian for "every other year" and can be used to describe any event that happens every 2 years. It is commonly used within the art world to describe an international manifestation of contemporary art (for example, the "Biennale de Paris" which was created in 1959 by André Malraux. The word is spelled identically ('biennale') in French. English speakers sometimes use the equivalent English word, biennial (for example, the "Venice Biennial") in speaking or writing of such events.[link]

For further explanation, just visit this site.

I can't think of anything right now. I'm so lazy to do the assignment. =,="
I have no spirit at all. So anyone can help me to get over this?

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Thanks to njel ,yes, and prim, for reminding me something about last post.
It's not pretending, it should be trying.

I'm just trying.
Trying to be happy.
Trying to kill the time.
Trying to laugh.
Trying to be strong.
Trying to smile.
Trying to be talkative.
Deep deep inside here, it hurts - so much.

Thanks for being a such caring friends. But pain sometimes is necessary. It's for us to learn something from it and realize our mistakes. Yes, thanks a lot friends.

Ps. Yessi, good luck on your test today! Yosh!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

just pretending..

I'm just pretending.
Pretending to be happy.
Pretending to kill the time.
Pretending to laugh.
Pretending to be strong.
Pretending to smile.
Pretending to be talkative.

Deep deep inside here, it hurts - so much.

*photos taken just now*

Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Aidilfitri)

Selamat hari raya! for those who celebrate it. hehehe.

Grrrrrr, envy envy envy! Banyak banget orang indo yang jalan2 di SG, sementara disini udah skolah. Duhhh,, pengen pulang indo. =,="
Udah berkayal nih pengen apa aja.

1. Potong rambut (yaaaaayy! asoooyyyy..)
2. Jalan2
3. Makan K-patats (huahahahaha..)
4. Les nyanyi
5. Makan sate lalat (slurrrrpppp)
6. Pelayanan
7. Ketemu kawan2 lama
8. Beli DVD
9. Ke batu

dan lain2. huaaaaahhhh. pengen bangettt.

Btw, di sini masi demam F1 lho. Aduh, pengen teriak waktu Raikkonen kecelakaan. huh! sebel. hahahahaha. Tp F1 seru abiz. Taun depan mau nonton ahhhhh. hihihi.
Sekian, saya mau kerja tugas lagi.