Friday, March 27, 2009

Depapepe - Start

Wow. Amazing isn't it? Yeah, so cool!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flash back.

I thought they are both wrong. And I hate it because I can't blame anyone.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I wonder why do people greet you "happy birthday"?
or "happy valentines day"?
or "happy new year"?
or "merry christmas"?
or "happy easter"?
or "selamat aidil fitri"?
or "have a nice day"?
or "thank you"?
or even "good night"?
and those greetings are able to put smiles on your face..

Well, from what I think, it's a kind of appreciation to the one you greet. It also means that you don't forget the one you greet, either as your relatives, friends, or your mate.

I thank everyone who appreciates me through their greetings. Anyway, happy white day everybody. =)

When you loved someone..

This is for you and for me. Anyone.

When you loved someone, you really can't forget him/her. It's really true. But you have to let it go and start a new page in your life. Live with someone else you love. Love him/her with all your heart without forgetting your past.

When you loved someone, you want to go back to him/her when the one you love today makes you mad. It's really true. But you have to respect the one you love today. Respect him/her in their limits, their strengths and weaknesses without comparing with your past.

When you love someone today, do not look back. Love him/her with your heart, accept him/her just the way he/she is.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I feel like a nato person. no action, talk only.
I can't do anything I said to others.
I used to make them calm, but I can't calm my self.
I used to make them feel better, but I can't make my self feels any better.
I used to help their problem a bit, but I can't do anything to my own problem.
It's just strange.
I'm avoiding tears, I admit that.
Well, I'm laughing at my self. Just hoping to feel better each day.
Everybody is under pressure, and so do I.
I'm getting to emotional these days, I'm so sorry if I did any mistakes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are pigs.

Do you realize that we, humans, are acting like a pig.


They said, if you want your pig to go back to their cage, you can't pull them. They will move backward. Then this is what you have to do. Pull its tail, and they will move forward.

We are used to be like them. When someone says no, we will disobey him. The more they do not allow you to do, the more desire in you to do it. When they said, "don't see", we will purposely see it. So, does rules work like a catalyst for our adrenalin?

Rules are there to be broken. This is what they said. Well, I can't denied that even I like to broke rules. We feel like being restricted, no freedom. We want freedom. Then, when everybody do something wrong to you and says "It's my freedom to do that!", does this still make sense? Then what is freedom? Is it just for your own benefit?

No one wants to get hurt. We can have true freedom within boundaries. There must be boundaries. Without them, what would this world be? In a total mess.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm concerned to NTU and wondering what's happening there.
Two death in one week.
here is the post (click), and read the comments!
This one is another interesting post. click

Giving all my condolenses to the family.