Friday, February 13, 2009

Design? Isn't it just an easy subject?

Do you think that's true? When your O level or A level is not that good, then you can go to design school. But when your grades are good, you must study anything else that is better, such as business or doctor or anything else. When you see design students, do you think the are just a community of freaky and dump people?

Well, if you think that way, you need to open your mind and eyes, and see whether you yourself can afford those tasks. Tasks that need hours to be done. Tasks that need to be revised and revised and revised again. Tasks that need to be seen from different perspectives. Tasks that will mess the whole project when you made a little mistake. Tasks that require you to stay till morning so that your project can be done on time.

Design is very wide field. I think we applied almost all the subject that we learned in secondary school. It comes to maths when we need to do the productions. Just to measure? No! It depends on what you are working in. It's not just calculating what's the width or the length. We need to make sure that every calculation is correct so that the final structure will sit properly and neatly, or else, don't expect any good score if the lecturer see excess double sided tape or glue.

Chemistry? Yea, especially fashion design, interior design, and product design. They need to know their material well, including what they made of. Advertising design? yes, of course when it comes to interactive advertising campaign. What kind of paint you need to use for certain kind of material? Which one works well?

Commerce? Yeah, even you need to know some principles of marketing, so that you can sell your design and how they works to your design.

Psychology? Yes, how our brain works and how you can drive people's mind through your design. How can you grab people's attention and hold them? Design plays with people's emotion, mind, and desire.

English? Yes, academic essay is a must or sometimes literature review. A deep research and good English is required for this.

Those are just few things that I learned for this past one and a half year. Well I'm not saying that I'm a smart girl who knows everything. No. I just want to open people's mind, especially for those who underestimated school of design (Well yea, they, who was our leader in our school, I wish you two could read this post, hahaha.). It's such a shame, our school didn't have proper art subject. Looking back, what we did in art lesson: make fancy stuff from art attack. It's kinda annoying me, I need to catch the lesson (basic of art) that the rest knew already in their secondary school, even my drawing skill's so bad. And one more thing, we didn't have any art subject for our O level.

Bottom line: Never underestimate design!