Friday, November 28, 2008


Just past view days I got bored at home. Yeah, i'm freaking out. But I need to be home, helping him. Everyday activity is just looking through people's facebook, waiting for school result, reading novels, and sometimes cooking.

Then last Thursday, I got the result from Lasalle. It wasn't horrible though, even my parents were so glad about that. And so did I, thanks God about that. But deep2 inside, I did wish to get better unexpected one, just like in foundation.

I tried to take an IQ test in facebook, and I wished an expected result - a high-almost-perfect IQ. But it turned out 113. Somehow I want to deny that, putting blame on my mobile phone that rang during the session. I expect something hillarious, something to be proud of.

Then I ask, WHY,GOD? Why you create me as an ordinary girl with ordinary talent. A girl with lots of weaknesses who can't be the first in the class, who can't be the perfect friend, who don't have a body like most girl wants. Why?

I tried to figured about this. Then I found this answer:
I need to accept all of this. If God create me to have one of those, I will surely be very overconfident,arrogant and ignorant. Yeah. Then it is better to be like who I am now. So, I thank You God. =)

Well one of the proof of this will be posted next time. I need to transfer the photo first. =)

Ps. thanks to my friends, best friend, family, and esp. to Vid. You give me strength. =)

(nice, huh? this was taken this evening. boring

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Oyeahhhhh, finally I've done everything for assessement tomorrow. :D
Let see the next thing to do after tomorrow,hahahaha:
1. make facebook account
2. clean entire house
3. sleeeeeeeep sleeeeep sleeeeeeeeeep!
4. play
5. back to Indo, woooohooooo.
6. chat @ msn
7. update deviant art, friendster
8. clean up files in laptop
9. install programs for windows

Well, a lot of things to be done. I bet I won't do everything I listed, because I will be soooo lazy. kekekekekeke. Ok, good night everybody. Wish me luck tomorrow! yay!